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Spirulina Tablet

Spirulina Tablet

Type: Nutritional supplements
Variety: Spirulina Powder
Form: 200~500mg/Tablets
Botanical Source: Spirulina Platensis
Active ingredient: Protein, Vitamin , Phycocyanin
Certification: USDA Organic , EU Organic, BRC ,KOSHER, HALAL, ISO
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Spirulina Tablets Product Details  

Spirulina tablet Introduction

About SpirulinaTablet?

Spirulina is a fresh water blue-green algae that delivers one of the most complete nutrient profiles found in nature. Spirulina has been used by ancient cultures in South America and Africa for its dense nutrient content and healing properties.

Healthy Origins Organic Spirulina naturally contains over 60% protein and is a great source of many important phytopigment, amino acids, fatty acids, minerals, and vitamins.

Product Information:


1. tablets weight

Spirulina Tablets 250mg

Spirulina Tablets 400mg

Spirulina Tablets 500mg

Spirulina Tablets 600mg or as requested

2.Spirulina tablet Color:Green or as per customer’srequirement

3.Spirulina tablets shape: Round, Oblong, Oval or as requested

4.MOQ: Normally 200,000 pcs, depends on tablets weight

5. Packaging Options: Bulk,bottles,blister packs or customers'requirement

Spirulina tablet Functions :

Spirulina tablet helps to Lose weight, keep fit

Spirulina tablet helps to Promote immune system and antioxidant activity

Spirulina tablet contribute to sound cholesterol levels

Spirulina tablet can Improve gastrointestinal and digestive health

Spirulina tablet can Support cardiovascular function

Spirulina tablet helps to help Enhance natural cleansing and detoxification


10 Health Benefits of Spirulina

Spirulina is incredibly good for you.

It is loaded with nutrients that can have powerful effects on your body and brain.

Here are 10 evidence-based health benefits of spirulina.

1. Spirulina Is Extremely High in Many Nutrients

It is actually quite amazing how nutritious it is.

A single tablespoon (7 grams) of dried spirulina powder contains :

●Protein:4 grams.

●Vitamin B1 (Thiamin):11% of the RDA.

●Vitamin B2 (Riboflavin):15% of the RDA.

●Vitamin B3 (Niacin):4% of the RDA.

●Copper:21% of the RDA.

●Iron:11% of the RDA.

●It also contains decent amounts of magnesium, potassium and manganese, and small amounts of almost every other nutrient that we need.

This is coming with only 20calories, and 1.7 grams of digestiblecarbohydrate.

Gram for gram, this means that spirulina mayliterallybe the single most nutritious food on the planet.

A tablespoon of spirulina contains a small amount of fat (around 1 gram), including both omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids in about a 1.5:1ratio.

The quality of the protein in spirulina is considered excellent, comparable toeggs. It contains all the essential amino acids that we need.

It is often claimed that spirulina contains vitamin B12, but this is false. It contains pseudovitamin B12, which has not been shown to be effective in humans (3,4).

2. Spirulina Has Powerful Antioxidant and Anti-inflammatory Properties

3. Spirulina Can Lower LDL and Triglyceride Levels

4. Spirulina Protects LDL Cholesterol From Becoming Oxidized

5. Spirulina Appears to Have Anti-Cancer Properties, Especially Against Oral Cancer

6. Studies Show That It May Reduce Blood Pressure

7. Spirulina Improves Symptoms of Allergic Rhinitis

8. Spirulina May Be Effective Against Anemia

9. Muscle Strength and Endurance May Improve

10. Spirulina May Help With Blood Sugar Control

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