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Spirulina Extract

Spirulina Extract Liquid

Spirulina Extract Liquid

Product Code: LY-025
Plant Source: Spirulina Platenasis 
Ingredient: Spirulina Extract, Citric Acid, Water 
Specification: E6, E10, E18, E25 (E1% 618nm )
Status: Blue Liquid
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Product Details

Active Ingredient: Spirulina Extract / Phycocyanin

Used part: Whole algae plant

Place of Origin: China

Color Value: >E6.0, >E18.0, >E25.0

Brand Name: Bluetec Naturals

MOQ: 5.0kg

Product Introduction


Spirulina Extract Liquid is natural light blue colorant extracted from blue-green algea (Spirulina ).It`s good water soluble, Alcohol and lipid insoluble. The ingredients are Spirulina Extract, Glycerin,Sodium Citrate, Water and Trehalose, Spirulina Extract accounts for as much as 25% protein and attaches itself to Photo-synthesizing membranes, also it`s anti-inflammatory and antioxidant. It`s an accessory pigment to chlorophyll. Spirulina Extract is derived from PC and APC, which have fluoresent properties that are valuable to research in immune assay kits. Spirulina Extract is selective about which cells it attaches to, making it simple to track Down.Medical studies have shown that Spirulina Extract has the functions of reducing blood fat, resisting tumor, anti-inflammatory and cholagogic and antioxidant effects.

Main Function

Spirulina Extract Liquid can resist radiation, improve immunity, strengthen metabolism, keep full vitality, and discharge toxin.

This Extract Liquid can treat hypertension, effectively to treat diabetes, can effectively prevent liver disease, and also effectively to treat constipation and hemorrhoids;

This Liquid can help regulate a variety of important enzymes needed for the synthesis of human metabolism, inhibition of cancer cell growth and promote human cell regeneration, ovarian maintenance, and promote the synthesis of elastin in the human body has an important role in regulating the body while increase the immune system, enhance immune system function, improve the body's resistance to disease. Therefore, food experts Spirulina Extract Liquid was vividly as "food diamonds." It has a good effect in the following areas.

The Liquid is able to activate the apoptotic pathway (the mitochondrial/ cytochrome C pathway), activate caspase and induce poly (ADP-ribose) polymerase-1 (PARP-1) cleavage, alter the Bcl-2/Bax ratio (Bcl-2/Bax ratio represents apoptosis degree). In addition, Spirulina Extract Liquid can alter the mitochondrial membrane potential (MMP), which can stimulate the release of cytochrome c and promote the formation of reactive oxygen species (ROS), ultimately lead to cancer cell apoptosis.


Spirulina Extract Liquid is a special blue pigment liquid, extracted from Spirulina. Spirulina Extract Liquid is applied in food field, as a kind of natural colorant, adding shine for goods. For example, coloring egg shell.

It can be applied in health product field as nutritional supplement, anti-mutagenics, lipoidemia reducing and ect.



Q1: Are you a manufacturer or distributor?

A: We are a real manufacturer for Spirulina Extract Liquid, not trading company. The plant is located in Erdos, Inner Mongolia Province.

Q2: Do you have a website?

A: Yes,

Q3: How can we confirm the quality?

A: Free sample is available before official orders, the shipping cost should be accounted on customers, we guarantee that every batch comes with unique COA.

Q4: What certificates do you have for Spirulina Extract Liquid?

A:  Ceres Organic Certificate, KOF Kosher, Halal Certificate.

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