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Spirulina Blue Color

Spirulina Blue Color E25

Spirulina Blue Color E25

Product Code: LYE25-015
Botanical Source: Green Algae Spirulina 
Active ingredient: Phycocyanin 
Specification: Color value E250 (10% solution)
Certifications: ISO22000, BRC
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Product Details

Active Ingredient: Phycocyanin

Botanical Source: Blue Green Algae

Main Specification: Color value 25 and Phycocyanin 30%

Package: 5kg/Foil bag, 2bags/Carton

Status: Powder


Spirulina blue color is a blue pigment and the most commercially promising substance found in

Spirulina sp (Liang et al., 2004,Iyer et al., 2007). It is a water-soluble phycobiliprotein (PBP) and photosynthetic accessory pigment(Eriksen, 2008). Its main function is to collect and transfer light

energy for the chlorophyll when the chlorophyll experiences poor absorption and transfer (Bennett and

Bogorad, 1973, Zilinskas and Greenwald, 1986, Grossman et al., 1994). Spirulina blue color absorbs

light at a wavelength of approximately 620 nm and emits light (or fluoresces) at approximately 640 nm

(Bennett and Bogorad, 1973). It serves to store nitrogen and is selectively degraded when the cells are starved of nitrogen (Grossman et al., 2001, Sloth et al., 2006).

Specification Sheet

Analysis Items





Fine Powder







Mesh Size

NLT 90% through 80 mesh


Soluble in water

Loss on drying


Color value

≥25 at 1% solution










This product has been mainly used as a nutritional ingredient, a fluorescent marker or as a natural dye in foods or cosmetics and is also known to be antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, antiplatelet, anti-cancer, antifungal and antiviral in nature. It also has nephroprotective and hepatoprotective properties (Eriksen, 2008). Moreover, phycobiliproteins have yet to be reviewed in the literature (Manirafasha et al., 2016, Stadnichuk and Tropin, 2017). Among its numerous bioactivities, the antioxidant function of Spirulina blue color may have the most value. In fact, it can protect the living cell from oxidative stress by delaying or inhibiting lipid oxidation(Chadwick et al., 2003). Evidence taken from medical treatments has revealed that the intake of antioxidant food constituents can maintain a balance between the antioxidant system and reactive oxygen species (ROS) production (Chadwick et al., 2003, Samaranayaka and Li-Chan, 2011). Thus, the human body can fight various diseases such as atherosclerosis, alzheimer, cancer, diabetes mellitus, rheumatoid arthritis, inflammatory diseases and the aging process (Wu et al., 2005, Durackova, 2010).


Stored in dry and cool place, keep away from strong light and heat.

Shelf Life

Two years when stored properly

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