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  • Phycocyanin E10 Natural Blue Pigment

    Type:Herbal Extract
    Variety:Spirulina Extract
    Botanical Source: Spirulina Platensis / Spirulina 
    Active ingredient: Spirulina Extract Phycocyanin
    Color Value ≥E 10.0 (E1%618nm )
    Certifications: KOSHER, USDA/EU Organic
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  • Color Value E6.0 Spirulina Blue

    Product Code: LYE6-012
    Botanical Source: Spirulina Platenasis
    Active ingredient: Phycocyanin 
    Specification: CVE 6.0
    Market: Europe and Asia
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  • Spirulina Blue Color E10

    Product Code: LY-013
    Botanical Source: Blue-green Algae 
    Active Component: Spirulina Blue 
    Specification: E10.0 (@618nm )
    Certifications: SKS KOSHER, HALAL
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  • Spirulina Blue Color E18

    Product Code: LY-014
    Botanical Source: Spirulina Platensis 
    Active ingredient: PC, APC, PE 
    Specification: NLT E18 (E1% 618nm )
    Certifications: USDA Organic, KOF Kosher
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  • Spirulina Blue Color E25

    Product Code: LYE25-015
    Botanical Source: Green Algae Spirulina 
    Active ingredient: Phycocyanin 
    Specification: Color value E250 (10% solution)
    Certifications: ISO22000, BRC
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  • Spirulina Blue Tablet

    Type: Nutritional supplements/drugs
    Variety: Spirulina Blue Tablet
    Form: Tablets
    CAS#: 11016-15-2
    Botanical Source: Spirulina Platensis
    Part Used: Whole Plant
    Appearance: Blue tablets
    Active ingredient: Spirulina Blue Phycocyanin...
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  • Spirulina Blue 25%

    Product Code: LY25-017
    Plant Source: Blue Spirulina
      Active ingredient: Spirulina Blue/Phycocyanin 
    Specification: NLT 25% (UV testing )
    Functions: Antioxidant,anticancer
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  • Spirulina Blue 30%

    Product Code: LY30-018
    Plant Source: Green algae Spirulina 
    Active ingredient: Phycocyanin 
    Specification: 30% protein by UV
    Package: 5kg/Aluminum Foil Bag
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  • Phycocyanin Natural Blue Pigment

    Product Code: LY-002
    Botanical Source: Blue algae / Spirulina 
    Active ingredient: Phycocyanin 
    Specification: E50 ect (E10% 618nm )
    Certifications: ISO, KOF, NOP, HALAL
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  • Blue Spirulina Smoothies

    Product Code: YL-020
    Source: All Natural
    Ingredients: Phycocyanin, Banana, Avocado, Spinach
    Certifications: BRC, SKS, Islamic certificated
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  • Blue Spiurlina Ice Cream

    Product Code: LYEIC-001
    Botanical Source: green algae / Spirulina 
    Active ingredient: Phycocyanin 
    Specification: Color value 3.0
    Certifications: ISO, KOSHER, HALAL, USDA
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  • Blue Spiurlina Smoothies Bowls

    Type:Food additive
    Natural Food color & Nutritional ingredient
    Variety:Blue Spirulina
    Color Value ≥E 3.0-25.0(E1%618nm )
    Certifications: Organic( USDA/EU), SKS-KOSHER
    Packaging: Drum, Vacuum Packed
    Place of Origin: Inner Mongolia, China
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