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Product name: C-phycocyanin
Form: Powder
Active ingredient: C-phycocyanin
Color Value ≥E3- E 25
Application: Natural food color nutritional supplements
Certifications: USDA/EU Organic
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C-phycocyanin Introduction

c-Phycocyanin is one of the major pigment constituents of Spirulina, a Microalgae used in many countries as dietary supplement whose nutritional and therapeutic values have been very well documented. C-phycocyanin is a blue colored pigment that belonbilli proteins found in Blue-Green algae. Spirulina is known to have nutritional advantages of high-quality protein content and other components such as vitamins; minerals, and essential fatty acids including γ -linolenic acid, and β-carotene.


c-phycocyanin Main Function

c-phycocyanin(PC) can rejuvenates damaged cells&bone marrow,improves blood flow and reduces“stickiness” and “stacking”rehabilitates bone marrow damaged by radiation,to produce healthy blood cells again C-phycocyanin can strengthen immune system enhances production of antibodies and interleukin-1 to fight infections inhibits cancer cells growth & spread in the body

It has super Antioxidant & Anti Free-Radical.

c-phycocyanin  is a powerful anti-oxidant & anti-hydroxyl radical (The most dangerous & toxic free radicals produced during chemotherapy, when exposed to hand phone radiation, deep fried foods)

PC can protect cells against DNA damage C-phycocyanin can detoxifier and liver protector

PC has powerful anti-inflammatory properties,strong chelating power-to leach out heavy metals (mercury and lead) and toxins,protects and improves liver function.

Applications and Health Benefits of c-phycocyanin

It has found numerous applications in the pharmaceutical and food & beverage industry.

c-phycocyanin is used primarily in the latter as a natural coloring agent. Consumption of C-phycocyanin in the form of spirulina or supplement leads to optimal health. In the current situation where the environment is full of toxins from pollution from oil, gas, heavy metals and nuclear isotopes, consumption of spirulina/C-phycocyanin is more than required.
Coloring of fermented milk products, ice creams, chewing gum, soft drinks, alcoholic drinks, desserts, sweet cake decoration, milk shakes etc.

As a colorant in cosmetics. C-phycocyanin is used as a fluorescent marker in immunological studies

The next natural food dye: c-Phycocyanin

The move toward cleaner food labels is pushing out artificial food dyes, food makers are responding to growing concerns among parents that artificial food colorings may cause hyperactivity and allergic reactions in their children.

While red and yellow are relatively easy to replicate with natural spices like turmeric and paprika, blue and green have given food makers trouble—until now. Blue-green algae called spirulina are often sold as a health supplement at vitamin shops or as an energy shot in smoothies. But now they are being harvested for use as a natural blue-green dye.

In 2013, M&M’s maker Mars Inc. received the green light from U.S. regulators to use spirulina to color candy and gum. That was later expanded to include cereal, ice cream and more—completing the natural color palette for food makers. Mars said in February it would switch M&M’s to all-natural colors by 2021.

The Food Marketing Institute, a grocery trade group, expects the volume of spirulina used for food and beverages to quintuple in 2020 from 2014, and the natural food-coloring industry to grow at an average annual rate of 6.8% in that time frame.

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