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Blue Pigment Phycocyanin

Blue Pigment Phycocyanin 25%

Blue Pigment Phycocyanin 25%

Product Code: LY-008
Botanical Source: Blue Green algae / Spirulina 
Active ingredient: Phycocyanin / Spirulina Blue
Assay: NLT 25% (@ 618nm )
Certifications: HACCP, CERES CERT, SKS
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Product Details

Active Ingredient: Phycocyanin

Origin: Spirulina Platenesis

Assay: 25% Protein

Color Value: 180 at 10% solution

Water Solubility: 100% water soluble

MOQ: 5kg

Product Introduction

Blue Pigment Phycocyanin 25% is typical phycocyanin in the worldwide market, prepared from Spirulina, a kind of dark blue fine powder form, beautiful color. It is a Plant protein, and also an excellent natural food coloring, good health food. Phycocyanin pigment protein is one of the rare nature, not only bright kind of colors, but in itself is a nutritious protein,

With balance amino acid composition range, and high content of essential amino acids.


Blue pigment phycocyanin 25% is from family of light-harvesting pigment phycobiliproteins-protein complexes, as well as allophycocyanin and phycoerythrin. This is an auxiliary pigment chlorophyII. All phycobiliproteins are water soluble, they can be present in the film as carotenoids.

Blue pigment phycocyanin 25% has been acknowledged and recommended by oncologists and other medical experts. Thus far, many cancer specialists and other health-care providers have come up to recommend the wondrous Phycocyanin for Cancer combating as well as for general rejuvenations.

Health Benefits

1. Liver activity

Blue Pigment Phycocyanin 25% provides protection to liver enzymes, it protects liver from chemical-induced injury.

2.  Fluorescent agent and photosensitizer

Blue Pigment Phycocyanin 25% can be used as fluorescent agents. Its fluorescence efficacy is 30 times of ordinary fluorescent. When excited by light, it can emit strong red fluorescence, which can be used for clinical and in vitro diagnosis of tumors and cancers.

3.  Nitric oxide (NO) is an important chemical mediator generated by endothelial cells, macrophages, neurons, etc. and involved in the regulation of various physiological processes. Excess concentration of NO is associated with several diseases. Oxygen reacts with the excess nitric oxide to generate nitrite and peroxynitrite anions, which act as free radicals. In the present study, the purified Blue Pigment Phycocyanin 25% competes with oxygen to react with nitric oxide and thus inhibits generation of the anions. Table-3 illustrates the percentage inhibition of nitric oxide generation by the Blue Pigment Phycocyanin 25% in concentration 10, 25, 50 and 100μg/ml which significantly scavenged 64.6%, 86.65%, 90.17% and 92.4% of the nitric oxide radicals respectively.


1. Blue Pigment Phycocyanin 25% is a special blue pigment, help lowering blood pressure, treating diabetes and protecting the liver

2. Blue Pigment Phycocyanin 25% can be widely used in cheese, candy, ice cream, smoothies, and cakes.

3. Blue Pigment Phycocyanin 25% also used in anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant activities, which protect cells against damage caused by free radicals.



●5kg/bag, 10kg/carton, double layers plastic bags inside. In cartons with two-plastic bags inside.

●Net Weight: 10kgs/Carton ;Gross Weight: 11kgs/Carton

●Carton Size & Volume: 60cmX30cmX20cm, 0.04 m³/ Drum




Q1: Which kind of payment do you accept??

A: For small order, you can pay by T/T and Western Union. Normal order by T/T, D/P.

Q2: What if the goods is unqualified?

A: 1. The third-party lab test is available, we can communicate and double check again. 2. If unqualified, you will get 100% refund.

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