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Blue Pigment Phycocyanin

Blue Pigment Phycocyanin 20%

Blue Pigment Phycocyanin 20%

Product Code: LY-007
Botanical Source: Cyanobacterium
Active ingredient: Phycocyanin / Spirulina Blue
Specification: Content 20% protein
Certifications: BRC, FSSC22000, cGMP
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Product Details

Active Ingredient: PC

Botanical Source: Blue-green Algae

Specification: 20% protein test by UV

Solubility: Easy 100% water soluble

MOQ: 5kg

Product Introduction

Blue pigment Phycocyanin 20% is a phycobiliprotein found in blue green algae, such as Spirulina platensis, is often used as a dietary nutritional supplement and exhibit a variety of pharmacological properties. C-Phycocyanin mainly in Cyanobacter, while OPC is mainly present in red algae, the two species of algae have. Its function is to absorb light (orange) can and transmit light energy. It is a protein, but also an excellent natural food color, but also a good health food. Lots of science papers concluded that C-PC from the dry Spirulina platensis powder showed significant antioxidant activity in vitro by scavenging nitric oxide. It also showed anticoagulation activity and thus can be used as anticoagulant/antithrombotic agent in medical purposes replacig the known heparin. Finally, C-PC is significant contributor to DNA damage prevention by scavenging of –OH.


Blue pigment phycocyanin has the beautiful Sky blue color, needed to help regulate metabolishm and synthesis of many important enzymes, regulation and boosting the body’s immune system.

Main Function

1.Blue Pigment Phycocyanin can Improve immunity.
2. Blue Pigment Phycocyanin can Helping to prevent dementia.
3. Blue Pigment Phycocyanin can be Antioxidant,anti-inflammatory,antifungal.
4. Blue Pigment Phycocyanin can be Preventing the body from the damages of free radicals.
5. Blue Pigment Phycocyanin can be Preventing swelling of the joint, arthritis, cardiovascular disease and cancer.
6.Blue Pigment Phycocyanin can be Having anticoagulant, lipid-lowering, anti-atherosclerotic, anti-aging,and inhibiting  growth of tumor


1. Blue Pigment Phycocyanin Mainly used as flavor additive to pigments and foods,
2. Blue Pigment Phycocyanin also has a good performances such as anti-cancer, anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidation, antimutagenics, Lipoidemia reducing and etc.
3. Blue Pigment Phycocyanin is used as a food coloring since it normally gives food (blue color) is used to protect food products from sunlight.



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2.Sea shipping for quantity over 500KG; and air shipping is available for 50KG above;

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4.Please confirm if you can make the clearance when goods reach your customs before placing an order, for buyers from USA, Mexico, Turkey, Italy, Romania,Russia, and other remote area.


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A: Of course, it is according to your order quantity.

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