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Four Science-backed Benefits Of Chlorella
Nov 19, 2018

As superfoods continue to grow in popularity, so too has the interest in chlorella. This deep-green alga is the close cousin of spirulina. Although both look similar at first glance, there are quite a few differences that make them distinct from each other. The biggest of these is that chlorella has a unique nutritional profile that makes it incredibly beneficial in its own way. From reducing free radical stress to enhancing the immune system, here’s what chlorella can do for you — according to science.

  1. Chlorella binds with heavy metals — Over the years, numerous animal studies have demonstrated the efficacy of chlorella in maintaining health and wellness. One study from 2009 showed that supplementing with chlorella can help cadmium-administered rats rid their bodies of the heavy metal. In fact, the researchers themselves wrote about and praised the potency of chlorella. This is because chlorella is a chelating agent, or a substance that binds with heavy metal toxins. In turn, this makes it easier for the body to expel heavy metals.

  2. Chlorella supports a healthy immune system — The researchers behind a 2012 study found that giving healthy adults chlorella supplements can support immune system function. Although they acknowledged that more work and a broader, more diverse test subject population would be needed, the researchers noted that the positive effect on their participants’ immune systems was very promising.

  3. Chlorella helps support weight management plans — Combined with healthy dietary choices and regular physical activity, chlorella can play a role in weight loss. This particular benefit has been attributed to the ability of cholera to help maintain normal blood sugar levels, according to a 2014 study. This, in addition to its toxin-binding activity, is a definite boon for anyone who’s trying to stay a desirable weight or lose some.

  4. Chlorella encourages healthy aging — According to one study, chlorella can provide some relief from oxidative stress. This is a phenomenon where free radicals accumulate faster than the body can neutralize them. Chlorella can help re-stabilize this balance, and a number of researchers have found that to be the case.

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