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Health function of Chlorella vulgaris
Jul 30, 2018

Lowering blood pressure and lowering blood lipids Chlorella has the function of inhibiting fat absorption and stimulating the excretion of high fat food.

Clinical studies have shown that chlorella can be used to control high blood lipids and diseases associated with excess fat.

Enhance immunity

Chlorella vulgaris can improve the immunity of the organism by increasing phagocytosis of macrophages, promoting lymphocyte transformation, increasing lymphocyte number and enhancing the vitality of natural killer cells.


The Chlorella glycoprotein has antioxidant effect and can clear free radicals in vivo.


Chlorella has the function of inhibiting mutagenic and gene toxicity of carcinogens, so it has the physiological characteristics of anti-tumor.

Detoxification Chlorella contains some kind of liver-protecting and detoxification ingredient.

Chlorella has the function of regulating gastrointestinal absorption and promoting excretion of toxins.

Other According to the study, chlorella also has radiation resistance, prevention and treatment of gastric ulcer and ulcerative colitis, such as various inflammation, relieve psychological stress and fibromyalgia and other physiological activities.

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