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Culture conditions of Chlorella vulgaris
Jul 30, 2018

Chlorella vulgaris usually uses se medium (SE Medium) and PR medium (PR Medium), and can also be cultured using BG-11 medium (BG-11 Medium). Chlorella vulgaris can not only carry out autotrophic culture, but also can carry out heterotrophic culture. The traditional autotrophic culture can not only use natural illumination, but also can use artificial illumination, the medium is mainly composed of inorganic compounds, the optimum ph value is 6.5~7.5, the optimum illumination intensity is 36~90μmo l/(M2 s), and the temperature is 20~30℃. The results show that the ph value is an important factor affecting the growth of Chlorella vulgaris, and the illumination intensity and aeration amount can regulate the growth of chlorella vulgaris by influencing the photosynthesis intensity of Chlorella vulgaris.

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