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Broken Cell Wall Chlorella

Broken Cell Wall Chlorella

Product Code: NF-047
Botanical Source: Chlorella Vulgaris 
Protein Content: ≥50% 
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Product Introduction

Broken Cell Wall Chlorellais agenusof single-celledgreen algaebelonging to the divisionChlorophyta. It is spherical in shape, about 2 to 10μmin diameter, and is withoutflagella.Broken Cell Wall Chlorellacontains the green photosynthetic pigmentschlorophyll-aand-b in itschloroplast. Throughphotosynthesis, it multiplies rapidly, requiring onlycarbon dioxide,water,sunlight, and a small amount ofmineralsto reproduce.


Broken Cell Wall Chlorellais rich in vitamins and minerals, which is regarded as a popular nutritional supplements. It is the most balanced of the most nutritious food. 1 gram of Broken Cell Wall Chlorella is equivalent to the sum of 1,000 grams of various types of vegetables. Broken Cell Wall Chlorella is the most effective free-radical theory of active substances. Algae protein, sugar, dried algae, the medical profession has been recognized at home and abroad have increased immune function, inhibit or kill the tumor cells have a positive effect. The same time, reducing cancer side effects of chemotherapy after radiotherapy, elevated white blood cell are the precise effects. (Stomach) Mainly take approach to excess stomach acid. Function has become increasingly weakened, giving rise to chronic diseases. The

Broken Cell Wall Chlorella is a basic nutrition, food, and in both gastric acid, but also can add gastrointestinal nutrition, coupled with chlorophyll, Broken Cell Wall Chlorella has a digestive tract epithelial cell repair and regeneration and restoration of normal secretory function.

Main Function

1.Broken Cell Wall Chlorellacan activateand prevent premature aging of cells,accelerating the wound healing abilities;
2. Broken Cell Wall Chlorellacan inducemore interferon and activatethe lymphocytes,which will maintain the normal immune system.
3.Broken Cell Wall Chlorella can identify and inhibit the growth of differentiated cell,repairing damaged gene,and which will resistance to virus intrusion.
4.Broken Cell Wall Chlorella can eliminateresidual lead,arsenic,mercury,air pollution,pesticide and fertilizer in the body,restoring the function of liver,detoxifying spleenand kidney;
5.Broken Cell Wall Chlorella can improveimmunity,effectively reducehigh blood pressure,high blood glucose and high blood fat;
6.Broken Cell Wall Chlorella can prevent stomach and intestinaldisease,to improve the heart and lungs function.


1).Broken Cell Wall Chlorella hasmany kinds of nutrients, such asminerals, vitamins,and a lot of aminoacids,etc.;

2).Broken Cell Wall Chlorella has been well used inpharmaceuticalfieldfor preventing disease;
3).Broken Cell Wall Chlorellaisabletobe appliedincosmeticfieldbecause of its good ability of nourishingtheskin.

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